Who Is Your Customer?

Who is my customer? This is the question you, as a business owner or marketer, need to ask in order to properly market and to be effective in brand communications. Are your potential clients living in certain cities? Are they living in certain neighborhoods, suburbs, or area codes? This is key, as you only want to target people who are able to buy…

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How Could Owning A Blog Be So Beneficial?

Does Blogging Work? You just proved why blogging works. You’re reading this right now. You had an interest in the content that we provided, or maybe you just saw us for the first time and want to learn more. The point is that blogging offers tremendous value to customers, potential customers, and cold traffic by offering valuable insights into a…

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Backpack to brief case: My intern experience at Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing

Being a part of Riaz’s team over the past five weeks was a great learning experience for me. I was able to expand on skills I crafted in Algonquin’s journalism program, while learning new skills in the world of marketing. From web content production to search-engine optimization, it was really interesting to see how digital marketing works and where my…

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