Team Member Spotlight: Akshay Bhatia

Team Member Spotlight: Akshay Bhatia

Meet Akshay Bhatia!

Pursuing a Computer Engineering degree at the University of Waterloo, we are pleased to announce that Akshay Bhatia has joined our growing AdPuzl team as our Intern Front-End Developer!

We sat down with Akshay to get to know him better.

Akshay Bhati, Intern Front-End Developer

How did you first learn about & AdPuzl?

I learned about during my co-op search at the University of Waterloo.

Despite me being nervous, it was one of the most fun interviews I had amongst many I did for finding my co-op.

Roy had asked me to explain programming memes to test my knowledge and that gave me the impression of a fun work environment in the company and I am glad to say it has been very true.

What excited you the most about your work on AdPuzl?

During my interview, Roy and Vani introduced me to AdPuzl and the company’s vision and I really liked the ideology of the company.

In a world where digital marketing is such a big factor for a business to grow, making that process simpler for individuals who don’t have much experience was phenomenal.

Working in a small team meant that I would have a significant impact on the product and it got me even more pumped up.

What is your favourite movie?

It’s hard to name 1 favourite but I am a big fan of psychological thriller movies.

I would say my top 3 are Shutter Island, The Shawshank Redemption, and Fight Club.

People would be surprised if they knew ____ about you?

People are generally surprised when I tell them I was a huge introvert a year ago.

After coming to University, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and be more outgoing.

The fact that people get surprised when I tell them, seems like it’s been working well.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I play a lot of video games.

I have been into gaming since I was 4 years old.

It’s sometimes embarrassing to say how many hours I have spent playing certain games.

Besides that, I am also a big Formula 1 fan. I like to spend weekends with my friends watching the race. 

Describe yourself using a GIF

I like bananas 🙂

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