Your Next 5 Moves by Patrick Bet-David – Book Review #1

Your Next 5 Moves by Patrick Bet-David – Book Review #1

Our team at gathered together at the beginning of September for our very first Book of the Month discussion.

Earlier in August our President, Riaz Sidi, and Michael Crow, Director of Performance, launched the new initiative that encouraged our team members to read a specially selected book and meet about it on a monthly basis.

The book for September was “Your Next Five Moves by Patrick Bet-David”.

Here is my opinion as a Content Marketing Specialist on the book, please watch the video above for amazing takeaways from my fellow team members from Digital Strategists to Designers to the Director of Performance & more!

How YOU As A Business Owner Can Benefit From It

For those of you who are looking for business strategies to adopt within your own business, this book is a perfect choice — in fact, uses these strategies and teachings from Bet-David daily.

If you have large growth goals or even want to know what it takes to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur then this is a great starting, middle, or even endpoint for you.

What really stands out in this book is Bet-David’s passion and how he truly understands himself and doesn’t allow emotions to cloud his judgment; instead, he focuses on facts and uses them to motivate his employees. If you want to understand what it takes to become successful and scale, understand there is a cost that you need to accept before deciding if this path is worth the sacrifice.

What I Learned From the Book

I learned what it takes to become a CEO, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, etc. and how difficult it is to continue forward even when/if you do become successful. The business world is far harder than I thought and you really have to go through a lot of pain to crawl your way up to maintain your success.

Another thing that I learned is the importance of thinking ahead and being prepared in terms of meetings.

Bet-David uses an example of how mobsters have incredibly high stakes, literal life and death, and when meetings are called they need to stay prepared and understand how the other person will think/react and what they can do before they even attend the meeting. Of course, this is a bit more extreme than any meetings I will be a part of, but it has taught me to anticipate what the other person will say/do and how I can be prepared and control the meeting.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like About the Book

Bet-David’s writing style is so casual yet direct that it really makes you want to read more. Another great aspect of his writing is how he is able to incorporate stories to get his point across as well as the reader (me) being able to understand what kind of person he was and is based on what he is explaining throughout the book.

I really enjoyed that it was educational and entertaining — definitely a great book for people like myself who aren’t as well-read in that topic but also for those who are.

In fact, despite the book being directed towards CEOs, entrepreneurs and the like, I found it to be very educational in different ways too; he doesn’t just speak about how you can use these moves in order to make your business successful, but how you can also use them in other aspects of your life.

Enjoy this quick flip through that shows how many important nuggets can be found through the book:

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