3 Foolproof Ways To Outsmart Your Competition

3 Foolproof Ways To Outsmart Your Competition

Let’s face it…competition is here to stay.  There will always be someone waiting in the wings to woo your customers away from you and your business into theirs. 

You’re always going to have to be on the lookout for new ways to outsmart the competition, but here are 3 ways you can minimize the impact they have on your business.

  1. Implement Unconventional Marketing Strategies

Standing out from the crowd is sometimes hard to do with so many businesses mimicking the marketing campaigns of their competitors.  Sure, we all want to be successful, and when we see others using a method that’s working for them there’s an urge to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the same success.

Rather than joining the pack, look for other ways to advertise that no one else is using. Why not get high-impact postcards printed and use them to direct people to your website? 

It might seem silly, but no one else is doing it! If you want to stand out, you have to take some risks.

  1. Discover Hidden Markets

Your competitors are likely missing out on something!  Dig around until you discover what it is, and get a corner on that market niche.  Once you’ve discovered your secret gold mine, revise your sales copy and website to address the specific market you’ve uncovered.

If you’re a Multi Level Marketing representative you might want to consider the following niches.

  • Employees:  The freedom that comes with being your own boss is a dream that many employees hope for, but never experience.  Go ahead…let them know that dreams do come true…there’s an opportunity to be their own boss waiting just for them.
  • Stay-at-home Moms:  Most stay-at-home Moms are sacrificing finances for the well-being of their children.  They would jump at the chance to raise their children and make a little money too.
  • Retirees:  What does the future hold for someone looking at retirement?  It could be that there is a lot of spark, and dreams still pulsing inside…and now…they’ll have the time to invest their long-time dreams!
  1. Become the Expert

We all respect the opinions and insight of someone who really knows a subject inside and out.  Take the time to research, get to know all of the ins and outs of your product…then emphasize it in your marketing campaign.  True knowledge can’t be faked.  Consumers will know who the expert is.  

You don’t have to put all of your eggs in one basket and zero in on one product, but you can emphasize your expertise in one area.  Remember that people often expect to pay more for expert advice! You may want to raise your price a little bit, get testimonials, and find another expert to endorse you.  

Position yourself for success by utilizing these tips your competition hasn’t thought of or hasn’t done in a while!


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