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Are you tired of marketers who keep hounding you for more money and fail to show you any results?

Does it feel impossible to get a straight answer on results?

And instead of getting to the bottom line results, your agency confuses you with technological nonsense that you don’t fully get or want to understand?

Perhaps you do “get it” but don’t have the time and you have to focus on other parts of your business?

So what is the impact of this confusing and time draining process on your business…?

…on your stress level…?

…on your stability and ability to thrive…?

If you can relate then keep reading…and…


The world of marketing has evolved quickly, and the biggest complaint we hear is that it is overwhelming to get a straight answer about whether performance is good.

Here is the big secret no marketer wants to talk about: it is better for marketers that you do not understand. It’s a sad reality in the new economy of digital marketing.

See many (not all!) marketers know that if a report doesn’t look right, that they can hide that column or use a different format to make it look like performance was “great”.

It’s like going to a doctor and them not sharing your diagnoses.

How can you take the steps you need to get back to health?

If you haven’t recently looked at your marketing results, our message today is simple:

DEMAND RESULTS NOW! is proud that we are transparent about our results and reports – and we do our best to help make it as easy as possible.

We know that even when results aren’t stellar – that we are humble enough to work WITH you to identify where WE can improve TOGETHER.

The relationship with your marketer needs to be cohesive, open, transparent and a true partnership.

Let’s be honest, you don’t care about clicks and backlinks, you are care about leads and sales!

So why should you choose

We are sales people who are technical, not technical people trying to figure out how to sell.

We are experts at cold calling and so we know what it feels like to receive a lead and how frustrating it can be when it is isn’t qualified.

That’s why instead of overwhelming you technology, we reverse engineer your customer’s current buying journey online.

We figure out what makes your prospects take action.

We test every element by serving 250+ variations of ad creative, 5 variations of landing pages, and we even test email marketing campaigns.

While many marketers are trying to build you a digital marketing funnel for sales, we are building THOUSANDS of funnels for your business…

…cause we are humble enough to know that we aren’t smarter than your customer.

In fact, we let your customer determine what works and doesn’t work by giving them every possible option and seeing what works in a very cost-efficient manner.

What ends up happening is over a short period of time we are left with that perfect path to purchase.

What we do is facilitate the process of getting your customers to your product and service.

We do this by integrating platforms online and we truly work to understand the psychology of your customer.

Mindset Shift

See you are not our client.

Wait, what you ask?

We are completely serious.

You are not our client.

Rather our client is YOUR customer.

Our ultimate goal is to connect your customer to your product or service.

And if we can make that experience seamless, simple and actually enjoyable for your customer then we have done our job.

Oh yeah… and you’ll probably be pretty happy too when we are having conversations about their interest in your product or service.

…and not all these technical marketing terms like CTR, RTB, CPC, SEO, SEM, #@? and so on….

Should You Start Generating Leads With

Well the easy answer for us would be a resounding yes.

But let’s keep on the theme of being real with you by evaluating what you are currently doing.

Cause honestly, we will tell you if what you are currently doing is working for your business.

Here are some signs that you need to seriously start questioning if what you are currently doing is actually working:

  • If you can’t get a straight answer from your marketer when you demand results or even worse can’t get a hold of them, ask yourself, is your marketer driving results or coasting with your hard-earned dollars? If it’s the latter it may be time to turn your expense into an investment.
  • Is your marketing getting more and more expensive and yet you have less of a handle of what is going on with your marketing? If you are being confused by buzzwords and stats you simply don’t care to understand it may be time to focus on leads and sales instead.
  • Are you seeing measurable results from your marketing? In the modern era of marketing, you should be able to know exactly how many people saw your ad, how many people engaged with your ad, who visited your landing pages and websites, and who turned into a real life customer for you. If any of those metrics are in question, or worse there is no measurement whatsoever, it might be time to re-evaluate your strategy. Remember you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Ok now that the elephant has departed the room…

…there are 3 options:

  1. Determine if is not the right fit for your business (this option makes us sad)
  2. Keep looking around the site – read the content, watch some videos – there are more details on our lead generation process and great marketing content all over this site.


  1. Fill out the form below boldly exclaiming that you want us to evaluate your marketing strategy and to give you the straight goods on it. Be warned, we don’t sugar coat so fill that form out if you want the reality on the state of your marketing strategy. And if you were wondering, the answer is yes, we use our own process and we will use this exact same process to generate leads for you too.
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