How to Start Reading Again

You used to read all the time. But something changed. For some reason the idea of reading a book has become boring and you have lost your patience. Maybe you were a student who became disinterested in reading because you were forced to do it for school. I stopped reading for a long time. I didn't enjoy it as much…

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How to Transform Your Resume in 5 Minutes

Maybe you were affected by the recession and are searching for a job, or you want to improve your existing resume to expand your job search. These revolutionary tips will transform your resume in five minutes. Make sure your resume is in PDF format Why PDF? .PDF format is the file extension used by Adobe to publish documents. PDF files…

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Why Everyone Should Have a Blog

I talk to many people who don't understand why I blog. Some feel it is an attempt for me to float my boat, others think it is lame and a fad. In fact, I was one of these naysayers some five years ago when I wrote an article for a magazine which ripped blogs apart, claiming it was a venue for extremism. But…

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