How to Write a Cover Letter in the Digital Age

If you want your cover letter to stand out from the pack while not being the joke-du-jour at the HR department at company X, apply these tips to your cover letter. First though, I gotta say it, it is is not 1992 - there are no rules. So please don't come back to me and say well my friend said I should do this, or my husband…

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Why the Outside Should Reflect the Inside

Bland attire ravages our world. Many humanoids stick to simple clothes which enable them to remain blended in the background. I prefer a different approach to how I dress. Have the Outside Reflect the Inside If you feel silly, dress colorfully. If you feel sad, dress cozy. I allow how I feel each day to determine what I wear. As others, I sometimes do…

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How to Make a Bad First Impression

Making an impression is unavoidable. Meaning it will be either good or bad - there's a grey area too - but it will fall somewhere on a spectrum, an impression will be made. Many times we are afraid of putting ourselves 'out there' because we fear judgement. Passing judgement, both positive and negative, is natural. We should accept that people…

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