Helps Stratford Group Scale Operations Helps Stratford Group Scale Operations

Stratford Group helps organizations scale, transform, and improve through their services: strategic planning and implementation, IP strategy, talent development, and leadership development.

In 2020, Sarah Ormon, Director of Marketing, partnered with to help grow Stratford Group’s pipeline, with the ultimate goal of scaling the business.

“We reached out to just get some help with demand gen.” – Sarah Ormon, Director of Marketing at Stratford Group

The Challenge

Due to its small marketing department of two, Stratford Group lacked the internal resources necessary to grow its pipeline effectively.

Seeking to expand its business and connect with clients in a new way, the company turned to the team for external support.

“You’re getting people that actually care. They wanna learn more about your business. They wanna lean in. They actually become a part of your team.” – Sarah Ormon, Director of Marketing at Stratford Group

Solution provides a full digital marketing funnel (AIDA) strategy and execution using social media lead generation, search engine marketing, webinar hosting and moderation, and email marketing for mid-size & enterprise-level organizations.

Following a thorough assessment of Stratford Group’s needs, crafted a comprehensive plan to address these needs, encompassing various tactics such as search campaigns, display ads, social ads, and social media posts, all designed to drive demand for the company’s services.

Moreover, unlike other external agencies, worked closely with Stratford Group’s internal marketing team, helping them extend their efforts.

This collaborative approach allowed to provide valuable feedback on how the company could improve its website, content, and overall positioning, while also generating high-quality leads and acting as trusted advisors throughout the process.

“We consider a trusted advisor and a part of our team.” – Sarah Ormon, Director of Marketing at Stratford Group


After just a few weeks, Stratford Group began to experience a noticeable uptick in website traffic, accompanied by ongoing feedback and support from the team.

As the partnership evolved from a small-scale engagement to more significant and long-term projects, Stratford Group has continued to rely on to help them achieve their desired outcomes and further expand their organization.

“Reaching out to is gonna allow you to scale your marketing operations, which is, in turn, gonna be able to help you scale your business.” – Sarah Ormon, Director of Marketing at Stratford Group

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