Case Study: Helps Tara Shannon Sell Out The NAC

Case Study: Helps Tara Shannon Sell Out The NAC

Our Client- ​Tara Shannon

Tara Shannon is an award-winning singer and songwriter from Russell, Ontario. She is the extremely talented artist who In 2017, launched her long-awaited album “Unfinished”. The album went on to receive critical acclaim and praise all over North America. She went on to gain recognition in Nashville, Tennessee where she performed in the legendary radio station: 650 WSM AM.

Who Are We?

Here at, we are digital marketing specialists/enthusiasts that are data-driven what we do. ​We are proud that we are transparent about our results and reports and we do our best to help make it as easy as possible to understand.

We reverse-engineer your customer’s current buying journey online, we figure out what makes your prospects take action. We also test every element by serving 250+ variations of ad creatives, 5 variations of landing pages, and we even test email marketing campaigns. All this to ensure clients get the best possible results, giving them the best return on their advertising investment.

While many marketers are trying to build you a digital marketing funnel for sales, we are building THOUSANDS of funnels for your business… In fact, we let your customers determine what works and what doesn’t work by giving them every possible option and seeing what works in a very cost-efficient manner.

What ends up happening is over a short period of time we are left with that perfect path to purchase. What we do is facilitate the process of getting your customers to your product and service. We do this by integrating platforms online and we truly work to understand the psychology of your customer.


Tara Shannon started singing and songwriting as a teenager and had an early spot under the spotlight. In 1997, Tara was starting to take off and was eventually offered a record deal in response to her talents.

Tara ended up turning down the contract as she was a young mother of 3 at the time, and decided to put family before her career. This decision really ended up to be the best possible outcome for Tara as her family life has influenced her music in a great positive way.

“ ​It deepens your experience of life, and so it deepens your songwriting” Tara has said. Her family life experience has led her to put out the album“Unfinished” which she went back to complete after years off from the music scene.

The problem

As Tara Shannon is making a strong return to the music industry, she is in need of increasing her brand recognition. She was interested in new, modern and innovative ways to increase her brand recognition in her home territory of the Ottawa/Russell area.

She was looking to move away from traditional advertising such as television, radio, publications and time-consuming travel circuits promoting her brand. As a busy mother of 7 who is a successful entrepreneur AND makes music for a living Tara Shannon is an extremely busy individual. She simply does not have the time to be focusing on the music, while promoting her content effectively.

Tara wants to focus on the music, the bread and butter of being a musician and does not want to put time towards the nitty-gritty aspects like advertising that take time, effort and hard work to execute effectively. Tara wanted to build a real fanbase with people who can relate to her content. She wanted a fanbase of people who actually engage with her on social media, absorbs her content and supports her career by actually going to see her perform.

With an upcoming show date at the NAC it was crucial to do this quickly, and effectively. Tara was also in the process of starting a new video series titled “Tara Talks”. A series of videos covering issues around motherhood, parenting, and more. She wanted to get the word out on this new initiative and build a viewer base.

How has your business changed as a result of working with our team?

“The data collected is giving us a clearer picture of where we need to focus our promotions, who we are targeting, the narratives that are connecting, and how to grow our ‘customers’….in my world we call them fans and the artist fan relationship has a lot more intricacies than simply a consumer one but you have been able to adapt to that very well and pick up the nuances quickly.” -Tara Shannon

The Solution: Digital Marketing- The AIDA Marketing Funnel

After looking into different solutions in the Ottawa area, Tara Shannon decided to go with digital marketing as the medium to achieve her goals. After checking out different agencies and their services and reviews she was attracted to

Our proposal of an effective combination of doing extremely targeted ads on Google ads and Facebook featured a full marketing funnel. Starting with brand awareness, then interest, desire and finally action created the perfect customer journey.


Who did we target with ads? Who is her audience?

Cold Traffic

We would run ads to cold traffic on Facebook and YouTube getting Tara Shannon’s name in front of people. What is cold traffic? Cold traffic is essentially anybody who doesn’t know of Tara Shannon’s brand. These are people who may have never heard of Tara. These people never engaged with her on social media, been on her website, listened to her music or watched any of her YouTube videos. 

People who are likely to enjoy Tara’s Content

During this campaign, we did a lot of targeting people who are likely to enjoy her content. We would then push those users to her website. What do we mean by this? Essentially, we went into Google ADS and Facebook ADS and created audiences of people who like certain topics.

These topics are relevant to Tara Shannon. For example, we targeted people who are big fans of adult contemporary music, country music, folk music. We even went deeper into target capabilities on these ad platforms.

For Tara Talks, (Tara’s internet talk show) we targeted people who are fans of talk shows, people who are into mentorship content, parenting and so much more. Through research and strategic thinking, we came together with these audiences to promote Tara Shannon’s content.

Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences

Creating highly targeted remarketing audiences is crucial to campaign success. We would build custom audiences using existing data.

What we mean by this is we would upload a previous customer list supplied by the client (Tara Shannon) and target people in her network already. We would then take this group of people and target new people who look, think, and behave like active clients. This is called Lookalike audiences. 

We created lookalike audiences of people who are very similar to the list we uploaded. We would then create other lookalike audiences of people who are still similar but have differences. The different levels of similarities are between 1-10% of the uploaded list.

People who are a 1% lookalike share the most similarities with the uploaded list. 10% is quite different but share some similarities. We used a nice mix of the lookalikes to create a great audience that would lead to clicks, conversions and engagements with Tara.

Pixels/Tracking Cookies

We at target people interested in different categories. We would then use the Facebook pixel & Google Tag Manager – pieces of code placed on her website to determine who showed interest by clicking on ads. Next, we analyze this information to learn more about their demographics, interests, and behaviours.

We then ran ads to anybody who has engaged with Tara Shannon in any way online. Whether it be from engaging on Facebook by liking, commenting and sharing content, to people who are subscribed to her YouTube channel and people who have seen her YouTube videos. Every time somebody would click on our ads, visit Tara Shannon’s website or watched one of her YouTube videos they would join our remarketing list.

How does our partnership benefit you?

Takes a bunch of work off my plate so I can focus on other elements for growing my fan base…like actually making the music!”-Tara Shannon

The customer journey to selling out the NAC Show

The journey to getting tickets sold isn’t as clear-cut as one may think. We started by promoting content on YouTube and Facebook. This content would be Tara’s YouTube videos, Facebook videos and social media posts. Once these people engaged with the content, they join a remarketing list as a result of the pixel we placed on the content they clicked on.

If you could describe our partnership to someone else, how would you describe it? 

I would describe it as a support system that will become difficult to live without!”

-Tara Shannon

Once on the remarketing list, these people would be hit with Facebook and YouTube ads promoting the show and more content to further grow the remarketing audience/social following. Only after these internet users got on our remarketing list, would we hit them with more aggressive sales pitches to go to the NAC show.

This is where the ticket drive comes in. Respecting the funnel we created shown above. We would be retargeting anybody who has brand knowledge of Tara Shannon because of the cold traffic ads. These retargeting ads will be hitting her target market with ads to the NAC show.

The ad content would drive fear of FOMO (fear of missing out) with ad text saying “Secure your seats! Tara Shannon is coming to the NAC and there are limited seats available.” Using FOMO is a great way of pushing people to convert as they feel pressure to act 

In conclusion, we would boost her organic content on Facebook and YouTube to people who are likely to engage and enjoy Tara’s work. We would then run ads to this same audience with the pixels we put in place. As the audience is now warmer and has seen Tara’s work we would put out campaigns such as the ticket drive campaign on Facebook and YouTube advertising the NAC show.

What value do you see working with us? What are you most pleased with?

“I was focused on gathering data to help focus in on my fan group demographic, that information helps guide our decisions about music we record, venues we play, etc…I am pleased with the excellent service, the reporting tools and the support the promo ads give me.” -Tara Shannon 

Results For The NAC SHOW

As respected the marketing funnel, goals of the client, optimized and executed efficiently we were successful in selling out the show at the NAC. We were able to achieve: 

  • 38,378 impressions 

39,378 impressions to a “hot” audience. The people being targeted for this ticket drive campaign was people who have viewed promoted videos we had boosted to cold audiences, people who have visited her website, people on her newsletter, and anybody who has engaged with her on Facebook.

  • 528 Engagements

The ticket drive campaign resulted in 528 engagements, at a cost of only $0.832 per engagement

  • Low CPC (Cost Per Click) Of Just $1.87

We achieved a low CPC of only $1.87 and got 232 clicks with compelling Facebook ads. We achieved this through constant optimization, A/B testing images, headlines and ad text.

  • A Sold out NAC concert!

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