Hello & Welcome to Sidi.io!

Hello & Welcome to Sidi.io!

All About Our Team

If you’ve just discovered us, need digital marketing help, or wish to learn more about our agency, then you’ve come to the right place. 

You probably have a lot of questions on who we are, what we do, what brands we’ve helped grow, and what industries we specialize in, and how you can achieve your marketing goals. Well, settle in, grab a coffee and over the next 6 minutes, you’ll find the answers you seek.

In this blog post you’ll learn these 4 things:

1) Learn all about Sidi.io: how we began and where we are now as an agency

2) Learn how together we will establish and achieve your digital marketing goals

3) Learn how we will create demand for your brand using our secret formula

4) Learn how we’ve helped major brands achieve their marketing goals

The inside scoop on Sidi.io. 

Who are we? How’d we achieve lift-off?

Sidi.io is a local digital marketing agency based right here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded by industry veteran, and digital marketing expert – Riaz Sidi, our agency began operations in 2017. 

After working in a sales role for so many years, he saw the drastic need for more qualified leads that sales teams can actually close.

This is our founding philosophy and what we constantly strive to provide our clients.  How do we do it? It’s our secret formula – our digital marketing strategy that does it called “Demand Generation”. 

A big part of this secret formula is how we respect the traditional AIDA marketing funnel. This means we focus on tactics that help to generate awareness with your target audience, spark their interest, build desire for your brand, and motivate action (leads, purchases, sign-ups).

How we have evolved our agency

Prior to 2019, you may have known us as “Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing”. In this time we focused our efforts on helping smaller businesses locally here in Ottawa.

This is something that brings us great pride. Small businesses are what drive our economy and we’re really happy to have helped so many reach their customers and acquire new ones. 

From 2019 on, it’s been a whole other ballgame for us here at Sidi.io. We’ve experienced a lot of growth and seen our team quadrupled in size in less than a year.  

We’ve also seen a lot of changes in our industry. As an agency that is lean, nimble and can pivot very quickly we changed our business model to adapt to the changes. 

As a result, we changed a lot more than just our name. We’ve overhauled our website, further developed our brand behind the scenes, improved upon our training, received numerous certifications including our Google Partner badge and so much more.

We’ve also fundamentally changed our approach to who we primarily help. As a result, we are proud to announce that we specialize in demand generation for B2B tech companies and also excel in leading digital marketing for the conference & event, arts & entertainment, and healthcare industries to drive qualified leads using digital marketing.

What makes our team special? Why work with Sidi.io? 

Our clients are often looking for help with their demand generation, digital marketing strategies, and execution. We come in as turnkey experts to help take their business to the next level. 

We do this by working with their existing infrastructure, their CRM, and we help to drive traffic using Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Bing, LinkedIn, and a whole carefully crafted selection of other tactics. 

Our team can really help you redefine your sales structure and strategy, help with Account-Based Marketing, custom programs, and we can really help redefine your entire business for the modern, digital age of online marketing.  

Not only will we do this, but you can think of our team as your marketing department. Consider us a branch of your workforce. We slide right in as your outsourced team members. We’re highly accessible and take pride in being a part of your team.

We take our client’s goals and business plans seriously, and without our consistent growth and development, we would not be able to be as effective as possible for them. 

As a result, our expert, zany team of specialists also follows another company philosophy: as times change, systems and processes must change too.

This requires constant education. We’re very proud to say we’re committed to this as we’re constantly growing, training, and developing our skills to stay well ahead of where things are now.

What do our clients have to say about us? 

Macadamian Technologies 

Macadamian is a healthcare software and design and development company based in Gatineau, Quebec. They work with life sciences companies in the areas of MedTech, medical software, & pharma. 

They help companies design and develop digital and connected solutions that improve outcomes for clinicians and patients. We’re proud to have been able to work with this amazing company that betters the lives of people all around the world.

Vani Edwardson, VP Marketing had this to say about working with Sidi.io

“Working with Sidi.io has been a pleasure. The team (if I had to summarize really quickly) it’s been great from the perspective of working with someone whose highly collaborative, extremely responsive, and I’d say agile in terms of being able to quickly iterate on messaging, on targeting, changing things up as we see what’s working and what’s not in real-time, and working with the team as an embedded team member. So we not only work with Sidi.io, but we also learned from them as well,” she says in the testimonial video.

“If I was speaking to somebody else who is managing a marketing team and looking for external help, I would definitely refer Sidi.io. Because of the fact that their willingness to get in, learn the company’s business and help you get started right away in order to be able to ramp your team and your program effectively. “

National Arts Centre (NAC)

The National Arts Centre is in the heart of our home town Ottawa and began operations in 1969. Since then, the organization has been a pillar in our community hosting some of the most talented performers in the world. 

From the NAC Orchestra, Dance, English Theatre, French Theatre, and so much more, the NAC is Canada’s go-to for live arts performances. 

Amy Karlin, Digital Marketing Specialist on working with Sidi.io

“So I started working with Sidi.io specifically for Search Engine Marketing. We had a bit of a need here at the NAC to make sure we were reaching people where they were, which is, digitally increasing.  And we really wanted to build our in house skills and were looking for a trainer to help us do that and re-strategize.” she says in a recent video testimonial.

“The team at Sidi.io has helped us really shift our focus from being very short term with our SEM to being longer-term, more efficient, cleaner and more data-driven. For the near future with Sidi.io, we’re planning to develop a new strategy for SEM that is longer-term, wider-reaching will touch on all of our teams here at the NAC and make sure we’re really well set up going forward.” 

Amy also appreciated our ability to provide a fresh perspective by doing research first and then acting on a clearly defined strategy.

“The benefits of working with Sidi.io on a project like this are we’re getting someone who has a fresh set of eyes. A lot of us have been here for a while and we all kind of had our own take on how we see SEM unfolding but we have really felt that we needed a fresh set of eyes to come in, perform an audit tell us what’s working and what not and how we can educate ourselves, adjust and optimize to move forward.” 

She also spoke to her daily interactions with our team and client service she appreciates.

“What Sidi.io brings to the table for us is expertise and just a team that’s really a pleasure to work with. We’ve worked with a variety of other agencies and trainers in the past but with this, we just feel like we’re really clicking with their team, they’re easy to learn from.” 

Education also played a fundamental role in our engagement with the NAC, and Amy was kind to speak to this element in the video.

“My experience in the past has been some agencies or trainers are great at what they do in terms of executing on a plan, but are less skilled in training someone else on how to do that. So that’s what we really found a lot of value in is the education piece.”

Our clients know that we aren’t just an agency doing a campaign, we are an embedded and value member of their internal team.

“So if someone working with Sidi.io can look forward to in terms of day to day is continual contact. We almost feel like Sidi.io is embedded with our team, rather than being an outside agency that we go to when we have a question. Very actively engaged partner.”

As our team continues to go, the number of ways we help our clients (partners) grows too. We would love to get the ball rolling by having a quick chat with you and provide some tips on actionable tactics your company can embed today.

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