3 Mistakes That DESTROY Digital Marketing Campaigns

3 Mistakes That DESTROY Digital Marketing Campaigns

Are you running digital marketing campaigns? Our best guess is you are as its imperative to a business’ success in this day and age. We get it, it takes a lot of time and energy to fully understand this digital marketing thing. In the process of learning its very common to build ineffective, poor campaigns that simply didn’t work. 

What you may not know (or maybe you do) is there are 3 common mistakes all marketers should be aware of that can wreck digital campaigns. Whether you’re a business owner, a VP of marketing, or if you’re “green” in the field, read on and you’ll be one step closer to digital marketing success.

 Let’s put common digital marketing mistakes to bed for good. 

Targeting the wrong audience 

The first mistake we often see when we sit down with clients and go over their past campaigns is they are targeting the wrong audience. The big advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google and Linkedin have tens of thousands of ways you can reach people with your ads. It can be through interests, demographics, things like age and more. 

When you first use these platforms you may be completely overwhelmed with the number of options. What we’ve seen is a lot of first-timers often have the options available to them be quite limited “for user ease.” This is a very common mistake we see with businesses we connect with and go over their campaigns. Their audiences are often quite elementary to be honest. 

It’s only once you start digging a little deeper will you realize there are so many more ways you can hit your audience. 

You can upload lists of your current customers (such as your Shopify purchasers,) you can create lookalike audiences of your customers, you can target your email database, it’s endless the number of ways you can create and target audiences effectively. 

The Offer 

The second mistake we see businesses making with their digital marketing is the actual offer of their advertising. Let us be clear, you do not need to always have a discount offer. What we are saying is you need to give people a reason to click on your ads. 

When you’re running ads about you and your business people are not going to click on your ads. On the other hand, when you’re talking directly to the person you’re advertising to or giving them value like an informative blog post or free checklist, people will click over.

Stop talking about your self and you’ll see an increase in clicks! Think about what is in it for your consumer. 

Content/Messaging of The Ads

The third mistake we see digital marketers making is having a poor message and poor content in the ads themselves. There are some standard things we’ve seen that simply do not perform in digital marketing through our split testing over the years. 

For example, things like stock images typically do not work so well. We highly recommend developing some original content. Hire a photographer that knows what they’re doing and make some stunning images! Think about when you last clicked an ad. Was it a poorly lit, bad image? Or was it one that grabbed your interest immediately? 

We’ve also noticed talking in the third person doesn’t work as well. Make sure you’re doing a personalized message! Think about it, social networks are about being social. People go and see what they’re friends or family is up to. 

What you need to realize is when people are surfing the internet they don’t want to be disturbed. They also have a very small attention span and if you’re not talking directly to them or have images that GRAB ATTENTION you’re wasting your ad budget.

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