We’ll Be At The 4th Annual SaaS North Conference

We’ll Be At The 4th Annual SaaS North Conference

Canada’s Biggest SaaS Conference For Scaling Up 

We at Sidi.io are very excited to announce that we’ll be an exhibitor at the 4th annual SaaS North conference! We’ll be there with pride both days from November 26-27 smack downtown at the Shaw Centre. 

The SaaS North Conference is an annual gathering of the top SaaS companies from coast to coast. From startups to global, large brands with massive reaches it’s home to up to 1750 exhibitors all under one roof! The goal of the SaaS conference is to really build upon and grow our Canadian SaaS community. It’s a time when world-class leaders can connect, and learn about other SaaS companies. It also provides excellent networking opportunities to grow businesses, meet awesome new people and locate new opportunities to take businesses to the next level.

Why We’re Attending?

As a boutique digital ad agency that prides itself on helping SaaS companies with their demand generation strategy, it was no question that we would attend this year. We’re also always training, and keeping up with the latest trends. We are in an industry that is constantly changing and by attending SaaS North we aim to remain at the forefront of change. 

As we’re local to Ottawa and just a few blocks away from the Shaw Centre we didn’t just want to attend the conference, we had to attend.  This conference is a snapshot into the future of SaaS companies and a glimpse into where the industry is heading. 

We’ll be setting up meetings, and doing live, personalized needs assessments to help companies with their marketing goals. This is to show SaaS professionals from all over Canada what their business is potentially missing out on, and how they can get consumer demand for their products/services. 

Why Demand Generation Is Key For SaaS Companies

Often times in SaaS companies there’s a disconnect between the sales and marketing teams. Marketing may work extremely hard getting the sales team a list of great leads they think fit the criteria they’re looking for. Only for the sales team to get back to them with complaints surrounding the quality of the leads. This disconnect can end and it’s easier than you think.

This can be done through demand generation. But what is demand generation? Well simply put, it’s a strategy that is put in place to create demand and hype for products or services. When demand is created for your products and services, it gives the sales team the leads they need to make sales and grow the company. 

As opposed to generating countless, low-quality leads, that fizzle out, demand generation is all about getting leads that matter

With demand generation, we’re able to get high-quality prospects that are much more likely to engage with you and become an SQL.

How Does Demand Generation Work?

Demand generation starts with doing a needs assessment. This needs assessment will evaluate your company’s short term and long term goals. Is it sales your after? Are you looking to increase engagement online and grow your newsletter? 

Once we have your goals set we can put together a personalized strategy that sets out to accomplish your goals. We then incorporate a range of strategies that work together to compliment the AIDA marketing funnel. 

What does AIDA mean? It’s the 4 stages of our marketing funnel! It goes awareness, interest, desire and finally action. Through the creation of quality content that resonates with your target audience, we are able to get people into each stage of AIDA resulting in valuable leads.

Give them value in every step of the buying journey with valuable “free” content. But remember nothing in life is “free”. You need to get something useful in return for giving your prospect value. A great way of doing this is by lead gating your content. Yes, free content can be given away as a blog post but you want to quickly move a prospect into becoming a lead and pre-qualifying them.

We recommend building a landing page for each piece of content you develop so you can gather data from prospects. Make it so that they have to fill out a form to get to your “free” content. The most valuable thing you can get is no longer phone numbers, but email addresses! With it, you can further build a remarketing list. You can build out remarketing lists and send out follow up emails and retarget these users on social networking sites like Facebook.

Check out our blog post on how Facebook is the ultimate B2B Marketing Powerhouse

Facebook: A B2B Tech Marketing Powerhouse


This content is designed in such a way that it makes people aware of your brand and your offerings. These ads are designed to pique their interest and drive clicks over to your website. Remember, it’s all about bridging the gap between marketing, sales and the consumer so don’t forget to make use of your sales team. Include sales calls, demo requests and live training to your demand generation strategy. As you need to have multiple touchpoints in your strategy you need to do all you can to filter out unqualified leads, so you can focus on getting those MQLs and SQLs.

Below are various tactics that you can use to create demand for your products/services

Lead Magnets

Next, we would create a powerful lead magnet that is designed to get people interested even more. The goal here is to give them value and show them how your business can help achieve their goals. This could be a simple checklist, a whitepaper or something else that is to provide your prospects with value. What questions do your customers have? Answer them with a whitepaper and give it to them for “free”. Of course, lead gate it to ensure the lead is committed, and so you get valuable data for further demand generation strategies. You’ll want to ensure you put a good amount of your advertising budget here so you build the biggest, most qualified audience possible. 


You can also use a webinar to further engage people who are aware of your brand. These people are further through the AIDA funnel and are giving you 1 of the top 2 things someone can give you their time. They would have opted in to learn more about you and are paying for it with time. This can effectively be a live demonstration of your products/services. We would recommend a panel of moderators and even include your sales team to deliver a powerful sales pitch on why your prospects need XYZ product/service. 


Another crucial demand generation strategy is to incorporate a: weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly newsletter. Offer your customers and prospective customers the inside scoop as to what’s happening at your company. What new? What’s happening in the near future? Show your subscribers your latest blogs and company news. 

Give them value. They opted into your newsletter to get value, give it to them or risk them becoming uninterested. We recommend at a minimum of a monthly newsletter, if not bi-weekly.

Email Autoresponders  

Email autoresponders are another great demand generation tactics. Once people opt-in to your whitepaper, or newsletter send them an automated email to engage them right away. Welcome them to your newsletter with an informative blog on your latest product/offering

Influence Decision Through Remarketing Audiences

Once your prospect has been through the AIDA marketing funnel and has opted into your lead magnets, webinars or newsletters you’ll want to begin influencing a decision. At this point, we recommend retargeting qualified users. Build out nice remarketing audiences of those who downloaded your whitepaper, those who spent a set amount of time on your website, people who forgot abandoned their cart, and even your newsletter subscribers with your best intro offer. 

Target them with ads with your 30-day free trial, get them inquiring on your site, get them asking for a quote. At this point, we know your prospects have at least some interest in your brand/offerings. Give them a low barrier of refusal for trying you out. Get your sales team reaching out and making phone calls. This is when you really push the sale on your prospect.

There are so many different demand generation strategies you can take advantage of. It’s such a creative way to build qualified leads and when its done right you can reap the rewards-sales and a team buzzing with synergy.

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