3 Reasons Trend Monitoring Is Important In Digital Marketing

3 Reasons Trend Monitoring Is Important In Digital Marketing

New trends are emerging every day.

With consistent innovation around the world, it’s hard but necessary to stay on top of what’s happening. Things change, people and businesses must adapt or risk falling behind. 

Social media platforms are really the ones driving a lot of this change. There are new features, new platforms, new ways of advertising, and more.

For this reason, it’s important to keep track of trends that matter to your industry in order to not get left behind! In marketing, keeping up with trends is essential. Knowing what’s happening or forecasting what will happen can give you an advantage and keep you on top of your strategies. 

Settle in, this short blog is going to outline the 3 key reasons you should be keeping up with the latest trends

1) Get creative ideas 

Staying on top of trends gives you the capability to come up with more creative ideas. Knowing what trend is viral can help you create similar content and stay relevant. 

For instance, Snapchat was known for its creative image messaging feature. Within that, they started creating new features that ended up becoming trends. 

They created the ‘Story’ feature, enabling people to post on their Story to let their followers know what they are up to. Which led to brands using influencers to promote their new products and services.

This trend caught on quick with other social platforms incorporating this feature. We can now see stories on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (with more to come we’re sure.) We can even see this short video trend settle in other ways such as TikTok videos.

Snapchat also created Snap Channels, which let brands, influencers, and advertisers create their own channels that people could follow to keep up with the brand. You can see this was influenced with how YouTube creators have “channels” where people can subscribe to stay updated with brands and people they enjoy.

Snapchat has 186 million daily active users worldwide. A lot of brands have created a Snapchat channel because they saw the potential to reach their audience with that trend. 

They also created filters, which essentially allowed people to change their faces by adding features such as animal ears or cool hair to themselves. They then upgraded it, and now let brands create their own Snapchat filters that people can use, through geofilter and other forms. 

This trend became huge, and numerous brands developed their own filters promoting their brands on Snapchat. Instagram really followed this closely as they would go on to also make fun filters for people to use. 

2) Connect with your audience 

Keeping up with trends lets you determine how to better connect with your audience and keep them captivated and intrigued. 

With new creation and updates to various platforms, websites, and applications, your audience never stays in the same place forever. They will keep migrating as trends grow. People always want to try out the next big thing. It is essential for you to find out what that thing is and adapt to it, if you don’t, you could potentially lose your audience. 

For example, let’s look at this short timeline of some social media platforms:

  • 2001-  Windows Messenger
  • 2003 – Skype
  • 2004 – Facebook, Flicker, Orkut, 
  • 2005 – Youtube, Reddit 
  • 2006 – Twitter 
  • 2007 – Tumbler 
  • 2010 – Instagram, Pinterest 
  • 2011 – Snapchat, twitch 
  • 2013 – Vine
  • 2017 – TikTok

It is more than likely that your audience has used at least 3 of these social media platforms and still use at least 1. As a modern brand, it is your job to find out your audience’s habits and how they are evolving with new trends.

You want to know what new social media platforms they are on, what new apps are they using, because if you don’t have a presence on their preferred platforms, you may risk losing engagement.

This is where a lot of marketing strategy comes into the picture. This can be quite overwhelming for people. If you need any help Sidi.io can ensure you’re on the right path with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

We can reach your customers where they are online.

3) Be one step ahead of your competitors 

One of the main end goals for all businesses is to be the best of the best. To achieve this, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. You need to know what trend they are using and figure out how you can do it better or how you can keep up with them by incorporating that in your business.

With the example of the “stories” feature that Snapchat pioneered, we can see that Facebook evolved to give its customers what they wanted. They forecasted that Snapchat’s story feature was going to be a major trend, so they incorporated it in their own platforms so that they could grow with the trend. 

When your brand sees something like this its important you make use of it as Facebook did. This gave them an edge over other platforms not using that feature and kept them in the game. 

Say you’re a bagel shop owner in a competitive market like New York. You constantly see kids taking pictures of their food and sharing with their friends online. A trendy shop, (one that can spot a great trend) would see the opportunity hear. They would do creative things like make fun geo-filters that their customers can use with the mouthwatering pictures they took of your food.

This would show your customers friends (people most likely similar to your customer) exactly where they got it and that your shop is one that is on the forefront of change, and one that keeps up with the times.

It is important to know what the next trend is, but it is also important knowing how to implement it in your own business and grow with it.

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