My 6 week internship at

My 6 week internship at

My 6-week internship at has come to an end. Having the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team has given me the experience I was seeking.

The team went above and beyond to make me feel like I belong. They helped me accomplish all the goals I set out to achieve throughout my internship experience.

My experience

Being part of this team was beneficial to me in more ways than I could imagine.

Coming into the internship, I didn’t have a clear idea of what it was like being part of the marketing industry. Out of all the placements I’ve had, really put into perspective how this industry functions, and how to work within it.

Not only did it I learn about the marketing industry, but working closely with Riaz Sidi has also opened my eyes in entrepreneurship. A goal of mine is to open my own business, and working alongside an entrepreneur himself helped me get a clearer image of how a business is run.

Overall I had an amazing experience with the team. The experience helped me transition from a student to a work-oriented, ready to take on the world of marketing mindset.


What I’ve learned

When they say “Learning Never Stops” they weren’t lying. Working at has taken what I’ve accumulated over the past 3 years in college, and crafted it to be applied in a workspace.

I worked on blogs, marketing strategies, social media, design, research, amongst other tasks assigned to me. In college, I learned about marketing, but really helped me transition that into real work.

They helped me polish my writing, taught me about paid ads, SEO, SEM, PPC, Keywords, marketing strategies, and more.


What I enjoyed

One thing I enjoyed about working at is that Everyday was different. One day I will be working on a blog and social media, the next it will be research and strategies. This kept me on my toes and helped me with time management.

Another thing that made me feel fulfilled was seeing some of the work I’ve done published on websites, social media, and more.

The main thing I have enjoyed was all the learning that was involved. I was assigned to take online courses about subjects I wasn’t familiar with such as Demand Generation and PPC, I learned about Landing pages, Facebook pixels, Analytics, and many more.

This was honestly the best internship I could have asked for, and I’m very thankful to the team who made this such an amazing experience for me.

I would highly recommend anyone to apply for an internship with if available.

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