The Power Of LinkedIn Advertising

The Power Of LinkedIn Advertising

Create demand for your business using LinkedIn

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Whether you have a demand generation strategy in place or not, utilizing LinkedIn for all it’s worth is extremely beneficial to companies with niche audiences. LinkedIn has some of the most versatile targeting capabilities available to marketers.

Assuming you have a fantastic demand generation strategy, and killer content, LinkedIn inmail is a perfect way to grow interest. People can easily learn more about you and your offering, and share the content you give them with their network.

LinkedIn engagement rates are among the best on social media platforms. When someone shares something with their network it’s guaranteed to grow your social presence.

Not only are you growing interest, but you’re growing interest from the right people. LinkedIn audience creation is a B2B tech company’s dream. You can target the most niche audiences imaginable.

Are you trying to reach people in senior management roles at insurance companies? No problem! We’re able to target these people with highly relevant content built to drive engagement. We’re able to target people who work at specific companies, job titles, countries, cities and so much more.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to create custom audiences. You can actually upload a list from your CRM to target leads on LinkedIn. Have a list of people who are past clients and haven’t renewed their contracts? Upload it into LinkedIn and target them with personable InMail ads. Ads go right to their inboxes and have fantastic open rates.

Further targeting options include targeting people who have hit specific pages on your website. You can target people who downloaded specific whitepapers, have seen specific blog posts, requested a demo of your software – the possibilities are endless!

Track website visitors too with the LinkedIn Insight Tag. Similar to Facebook, you can install a piece of code on your website to track user activity. Through the insight tag, we would even have the ability to track specific conversions to track campaign performance. Want to register the number of webinar registrations you get from a campaign? Create a custom conversion.

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We love LinkedIn and use it as an integral part of our marketing funnels. You may be wondering “why not just use email marketing instead? It’s cheaper.” Well, it’s nowhere near as effective as inmail ads. According to this article, inmail ads have a response rate that’s  300% higher than email ads.

It’s also so much more streamlined and professional. In today’s age, it’s all about getting a customer to have to do as little clicking as possible. With inmail ads, they don’t even have to leave LinkedIn to learn more about you. They can click right on the sender’s profile and view company information. With that said, you can have anybody you want in your company send the message to people for a more personal touch.

For example, you can have your company’s CEO send the sponsored message out. This is an instant credibility boost. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you open a personalized email directly from a CEO or from a faceless corporation cluttering your inbox? We’d choose the first option.

One of our favorite things about Inmail ads is that the ad is only delivered when the user is online. As the ads are only delivered to people signed in to the platform, the open rates, and ad visibility are great.


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