6 reasons you should be doing digital marketing

6 reasons you should be doing digital marketing

If your business is not implementing digital marketing in 2019, you should start reconsidering! Digital marketing is crucial in this day and age because it allows you to reach your target market in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

To help out, we’ve put together this 7 minute read to give you the ins. and outs of digital marketing. 


1. Your consumers are online

There are around 7.5 billion people in the world, out of those:

  • “There are 5.11 billion mobile users in the world today”
  • “There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January 2018.”
  • “There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, with the worldwide total growing by 288 million (9 percent) since this time last year.”


Looking at those numbers alone, you would be crazy not to have an online presence. Digital marketing enables you to reach your target audience on their Most used devices at the specific time of use.


2. Reach your target market where they are

With digital marketing, there are unlimited ways to reach your target market. The majority of the world’s population use cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices daily.

There are more than 1 billion websites in the world, multiple social media platforms, and thousands of apps. Digital marketing lets you strategically reach your target market on the specific platforms and devices people use.

A good example of this would be using Facebook. With Facebook Ad Manager, you can target people by demographics, interests, location, etc. Your target market doesn’t use facebook much? Pump out ads on the audience network, or even on Facebook messenger! 


You can also do highly targeted campaigns on Google with display ads. You can actually create audiences of people who are likely to be “in market” for service like yours. Paired with this audience, you can even put your ads on specific parts of the web! Is your audience 18-24-year-old males who like gaming? You can put your ads on gaming sites, YouTube gaming channels (yes you can target specific YouTube channels and even videos!)


The possibilities of online targeting really are endless.


3. Brand awareness

Digital marketing allows you to be accessible to your target market. People can easily tweet, direct message or use other forms of communications to connect with their favorite brands.

his creates a sense of human to human interaction and a stronger relationship with a brand. Nowadays, people search for everything they want online, and if they can’t find it they don’t bother looking any further.

Digital marketing allows you to increase your brand awareness. It does so by enabling you to create social media platforms, interact with your target market, let them know your location, website, and most importantly informs them to your product or service.


There are multiple digital strategies you can use to create awareness:

  • Blogs are a good way to inform your target audience and keep them entertained. You can also become a thought leader and really give your customers/prospects value. Blogs are a great part of an effective SEO campaign, which can help you rank higher organically in the search results for people searching for services like yours.


  • Consistent social media presence is key because 3.48 billion people have a social media account. Your target market is on social media and if you’re not engaging with them you’re being willfully ignorant.


  • You can create social media ad campaigns that generate tons of impressions, reach,  and really boost engagement for your posts. Having a good social media strategy in place gives you the ability to continually grow your followers, engage with people online and get more eyes on your content organically. 


  • You can use SEM. This is a good strategy because it provides your target market with an immediate answer to their question. As soon as they search for something with relevant keywords to your product or service, your ad will pop up.


  • Display ads are another great digital marketing channel. With display ads, you can create a very effective funnel for your prospects. You can run multiple ads with different goals. For example, you can run a brand awareness ads looking to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. At the same time, you can run a retargeting display campaign. With this, you are able to put different ads back in front of people who have visited your site as a result of your awareness ads. Your creative should be different as well because people being retargeted will be in a different funnel stage compared with those who have never heard of you before.


4. You can save big $$$

You save more money with digital marketing than any “traditional” marketing medium. Newspaper, television and other forms of traditional marketing cost a lot. With digital marketing, you can reach far more people for MUCH less ad spend.

For example, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial cost advertisers approximately $5.2 million last year (according to bleacher report.) Nielson also found that ad spend gave advertisers an audience of about 111.3 million people.

Now if you take that exact same budget and use it on Facebook, you’d be able to reach around 2 million more people. If you ran a weeklong ad campaign on Facebook with a Superbowl budget, you’d be able to reach around 113 million people and generate roughly 450 million impressions.

The beautiful part?

You have a variety of options to determine how your budget will be spent. You can set specific goals with your ad campaigns on Facebook to get the most bang for your buck.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms allow you to set a daily budget of how much you are willing to spend a day, how much you are willing to spend per click (PPC), etc.

With traditional advertising, you can’t really track conversions and get mostly brand awareness campaigns. Advertising on social media gives advertisers the ability to set custom goals such as link clicks, sales/conversions, post engagement, page likes and more.


5. Easier measurement of success

Traditional marketing, it’s hard to measure progress and success and have reliable data. Digital marketing, on the other hand, tracks your progress and gives you the most reliable data and measurements. Digital marketing allows you to have the exact number of prospects who turned into leads and conversions with up to the minute lead tracking.

There are numerous analytical tools to let you know how many people viewed your website, clicked your ads, liked your post, left a comment, shared your blog, etc.

There are even metrics which allow you to know how much you spent to acquire a lead. This is called Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). CPA = total cost/number of conversions. For example, if you spend 150$ on a campaign and you got 10 acquisitions then your CPA = 15.

Digital marketing tools also provide other useful data such as the time consumers spent on your site, where they clicked on your site from paid ads, or from organic traffic. Tools such as Google analytics keeps all the data organized neatly for you. Knowing how people interact and landed on your site helps you optimize your site to further improve campaigns/SEO.


6. Your competitors are online

People search for what they want online. If you don’t have an online presence but your competitors do, you just lost the battle of fighting for that potential customer.

In business, it’s important to keep track of what your competitors are doing. With digital marketing and tools such as SEM Rush, you have the ability to see what your rivals are doing to try and create interest in their services. You can use these tools to be one step ahead of them and create a unique, creative strategy to be a highly digital/modern company that attracts customers surfing the net.

Digital marketing lets you keep track of how others are performing on their social media, what kind of ads they are creating, and what people think about their business. Knowing information as such can make you create a strategy to better reach your market.


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