Demand Generation & Your Company

Demand Generation & Your Company

Demand Generation

We understand that often times in technology companies and SaaS companies there’s a disconnect between the sales and marketing teams. We aim to close that gap with a cohesive demand generation strategy so sales and marketing work together in the long term.

But what is demand generation? Quite simply, it is the strategy a company has in place to create demand and hype for products or services. Not only that, but demand generation bridges the relationships between sales, marketing, and even prospective customers.

Through an effective, strategic marketing plan, and data-driven insights, companies can find prospective customers that are of higher quality. As opposed to generating countless, low-quality leads, demand generation is all about getting leads that matter. With demand generation, we aim to get high-quality prospects that are much more likely to engage with you and do business with you.

The Marketing Funnel

As content is a pillar of an effective marketing campaign and a top-notch SEO campaign, you want to get all you can from your content. According to Hubspot, 79% of leads generated go nowhere. All that time marketing online, making content, and poof it’s all gone for nothing. This happens because companies just aren’t nurturing their leads properly.

To make your content go further and to get more value from it, you need an effective demand generation marketing funnel. It’s not 2001 anymore, companies can’t just pump out cold email campaigns to unfiltered, unsegmented lists and expect success in 2022. Cold traffic is only the beginning of crafting a well-oiled marketing machine.

With a great funnel, you can move prospects through a great consumer journey that nurtures them along the way to a purchase. In turn, you generate more MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) the sales department will love, and your executive team will be grateful for.

An effective marketing funnel, and in turn an effective demand generation strategy is all about lead nurturing.

No matter what stage they are in, prospects need content that reflects what stage of the funnel they are in. From a cold audience that has never got in touch with you before, to the warm lead who filled out your form to view a whitepaper, there needs to be various touchpoints for prospects.

Through data-driven insights and research, you can then begin doing some digital marketing to those likely interested in your brand.

Have a list of customers already? Create an audience of people who look, think and act like them online.

Know your customers are mostly middle-aged men who are auto mechanics? Layer on demographic targeting so you filter out people who aren’t middle-aged male mechanics.

You can learn more about targeting by checking out this blog on Facebook lead generation for B2B marketers.

Content Creation And Lead Generation

A lot of companies think demand generation is just a fancier name for lead generation. It’s simply not true. Demand generation isn’t all inbound marketing either. What it is, is creating high-quality content that resonates with an audience likely to want your products or services.

Demand generation can include an array of creative ways of getting prospective customers interested in you. Before you begin, its crucial you don’t give away “free” content. As nothing in life is “free” you need to get something useful in return for giving your prospect value. A great way of doing this is by lead gating your content. Yes, free content can be given away as a blog post but you want to quickly move a prospect into becoming a lead and pre-qualifying them.

We recommend building a landing page for each of piece of content you develop so you can gather data from prospects. Make it so that they have to fill out a form to get to your “free” content. The most valuable thing you can get is no longer phone numbers, but email address! With it, you can further build a remarketing list.

Another tactic to build an informative whitepaper is to answer pressing questions your prospects usually have. You can also use a webinar to further engage people who are aware of your brand. Another crucial demand generation strategy is to incorporate a: weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly newsletter.

Remember, it’s all about bridging the gap between marketing, sales and the consumer so don’t forget to make use of your sales team. Include sales calls, demo requests and live training to your demand generation strategy. As you need to have multiple touchpoints in your strategy you need to do all you can to filter out unqualified leads, so you can focus on getting those MQLs and SQLs.

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