What is a MQL & Why Is It Important?

What is a MQL & Why Is It Important?

Following a lead through the funnel. A Look into Marketing Qualified Leads.

For the longest time, in marketing and advertising leads were leads.

Nothing more, nothing less; a lead was someone who marketers consider a good sales prospect – an opportunity.

Fast forward to 2019, the industry has changed a lot. Leads come in all different shapes, sizes and levels of importance.

The reality is, in digital marketing lead generation is everything. It’s absolutely numero uno on the priority list for companies big and small.

When a business has an attractive, new offer they are usually super excited to pump it out to everyone in their database.  This is where companies are starting to see a drastic change in making sales (or not) and actually converting and finishing sales from leads generated from marketing efforts.

Customers need to be nurtured on their path to making a purchase. Not only making it to purchase but to even build a better, stronger relationship with the brand in the long term to increase lifetime value.

Demystifying MQLs and SQLs

A marketing qualified lead is a person who has engaged with you before in some aspect. This is someone who has visited specific milestone web pages, downloaded a free guide, opened your company’s email correspondence etc.

These people are interested in making a purchase, BUT maybe not right now. They are doing research and figuring out if what your offer is right for them.

Now it’s up to YOU to convince them through targeted advertising. The best way to do this is to use marketing automation to help you!

There are plenty of services out there that can guide your prospect further through the sales funnel. Have they opened your all your emails and newsletters? Send them a special offer enticing a sale.

You need to work in collaboration with your sales team to determine if the lead is ready to be passed to the SQL stage.

A lot of companies out there have a point scoring system to help determine when a prospect is an MQL and when they may be ready to be turned into an SQL.

What is a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL?)

Simply put, an SQL is a prospect who is primed and ready to take action and buy. They have been nurtured through an effective sales funnel. Your sales team can pick up the phone and try to make a sale.

The clearest way to tell the prospect is an SQL is when/ if they make a request to speak with you directly. Say your company has a “demo request” form. You make them aware of it throughout your funnel and only until they are nurtured enough to make a purchasing decision do you make a hard sell of it.

They finally take action, fill out that form and request a demo. Hurray, you’ve just turned a lead into an SQL.

Struggling to turn your MQLs into SQLs? There’s plenty of ways you go about progressing your lead down the funnel.

As MQLs are interested in your products/services you can give them social proof by targeting them with a testimonial/case study campaign!

You should also retarget your MQLs wherever they are online. Target them on Facebook, with Google display ads, hit them on YouTube, etc.

You want to remind them you’re still there and are ready to help them.

Show them real testimonials from happy customers.

This is the best form of advertising.

Word of mouth advertising, and hearing real quotes from real people can do wonders for your brand.

When an MQL sees the benefits you’re giving yo real people, they are much more likely to proceed even further with you in the sales process.


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