The Cheater’s Guide To Generating Quality Leads

The Cheater’s Guide To Generating Quality Leads

How Businesses Generate Their “Leads”


Not surprisingly, everyone wants quality leads. No matter what industry you’re in, what kinds of customers you have, or even what you charge, quality leads are everything to business growth.

The problem is, a lot of businesses simply don’t know the secret “formula” to generating quality leads. Most businesses just take a chunk of cash and throw it at various advertising mediums in hopes of reeling in a few trophy fish.

Advertising Online

When these businesses do this online, it’s not only ineffective, but it’s also just willfully ignorant.

Advertising online gives businesses more tracking power than ever before. It’s mindblowing how many people aren’t taking advantage of this. Almost any major website has their very own tracking pixels (cookies.)

These sites include Google, and any site on the Google search network (i.e Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) All of these sites have a small piece of code called a “pixel”. This enables businesses to insert it on to their websites and track their advertising efforts.

Why should your business insert these small pieces of code on to your website?

Good question! The answer is Remarketing (aka retargeting)

The number one reason to place pixels on your website is to track which internet users resonate most with your content. Inserting pixels lets you track, and build a remarketing “list” of people who have visited your site in general, or even more specific web pages.

For example, say Bob was in the market for a new stereo, and after clicking around for a while he came across your website. Great news right? Yes and no.

Bob is only researching new stereos at the moment and had no plans on buying at that time. If you don’t have a pixel on your website, you can’t put him on your remarketing list. Not having a remarketing list means you can’t hit him with ads promoting your stereo equipment!

Say Bob was in the mood to buy a new stereo, but at the time his kids came in asking him to make dinner. Bob obliges and walks away from the computer. Your stereo is still in his cart but he’s forgotten all about it!

With a remarketing pixel in place, you can put Bob on your remarketing list and hit him with ads wherever he is online. You can run ads to remind a user like Bob about their cart abandonment. An example of this could be ads with text such as “you’re so close to a great new sound system!”

Thanks to remarketing efforts, Bob remembered he still had your stereo in his cart and he finished the transaction. Bob can’t wait for his new stereo to be delivered and you just made a sale!

Sometimes a remarketing ad isn’t quite enough to finish the sale. What a lot of successful companies do is offer deals to those who left something in their cart.

The Takeaway?

The point we are making here is you can have remarketing pixels for all sorts of “events”. You can make a remarketing list for anybody who visited a specific product page or a general website list. Remarketing to people who follow you on social media, like your content, or view any of your videos is also possible!

The possibilities are endless and the sky’s the limit. You can create customized, high intent audiences of people MUCH more likely to BUY through your online advertising.

Conversion Tracking

Advertising online is a clear-cut winner in conversion tracking as well. Compared to other mediums such as television, radio, and newspaper, it’s much clearer when your ad dollars are being well spent.

It’s nearly impossible to tell when someone saw a television ad, then decided to take action and buy as a result from seeing the ad. Unless the ad had a specific coupon or offer, the likelihood of tracking exactly how a customer converted is largely a mystery.

Advertising online gives businesses up to the minute insights into what’s working, and how well (or how poorly) a campaign is going. It gives businesses the ability to update ads in real-time, post in real-time, and track conversions and clicks.

Businesses can even set up multiple conversion “events” similar to the remarketing lists. Companies can set custom parameters on ads,  using special tracking addons that can go as far as saying exactly how much ROI digital ads are getting.

You can set up conversions on all your products, services & offerings so you can know exactly what is converting on your services.

Say you are promoting a clothing line featuring: jackets, pants, and shirts. You can set each article of clothing its own conversion action. Do your pants cost $50 for a pair? Did it cost $2 for a click and $10 for a conversion? You can set that $50 parameter on your conversion action so that when someone converts you can see a clear ROI.


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