Why your business needs to start blogging

Why your business needs to start blogging

Does Blogging Work?

You just proved why blogging works. You’re reading this right now.

You had an interest in the content that we provided, or maybe you just saw us for the first time and want to learn more.

The point is that blogging offers tremendous value to customers, potential customers, and cold traffic by offering valuable insights into a subject you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.

The issue most people seem to have with implementing a blog into their business, or even personal lives, is that they see no immediate return. To really generate a great brand following and a following that engages with you, you need to offer value.

Offering value can come in many different forms. From webinars to newsletters, vlogs to podcasts, and to blogging, there are many different forms of content that you can offer your followers to give value.

The best place to start is blogging. It’s a great medium to give people an idea of who you are, and what you bring to the table. You can give your audience an idea of how you can help them, what your brand is like and who you really are.

It takes time for your blogging efforts to bear fruits. You can’t expect by doing it you’ll gain a ton of new clients right away, you won’t get a job right away either. What you will be doing is informing. You’ll be informing people who you want to connect with or who need the services your abilities – the right fit.

Credibility Boost

Not only will blogging help your audience see your value, but it will also give you an authority in your industry. When you incorporate a blog into your media you instantly gain credibility.

When you are actively blogging on subjects you know you’ll be giving people your professional insight for free, thus giving you even more credibility. People will start to see you as a thought leader as you constantly give valuable insights and opinions on the industry you know. 

For students or young professionals, starting a blog can drastically improve your networking. When students run a blog reflecting their insights as a young professional, it can lead to people in their industry seeing a person’s passion which can lead to more followers on LinkedIn.

To conclude, you need to start a blog. No matter what you’re doing a blog can really help your personal brand AND your professional brand. It is no longer a question on if you should have a blog, it’s not a question of what your blog should be about.


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