Backpack to brief case: My intern experience at Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing

Backpack to brief case: My intern experience at Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing

Being a part of Riaz’s team over the past five weeks was a great learning experience for me. I was able to expand on skills I crafted in Algonquin’s journalism program, while learning new skills in the world of marketing.

From web content production to search-engine optimization, it was really interesting to see how digital marketing works and where my talents and skills can fit into the content landscape.

Throughout my five weeks, Riaz was a solid mentor both professionally and creatively. We worked together on a variety of content creation strategies and executions—something I had never done from a marketing perspective.

Riaz’s insights on the industry helped me improve my content from its initial design to the final product.

Being able to work alongside, and with, Riaz was extremely beneficial to my writing. Always available to answer questions, provide constructive feedback or show me the ropes of some new, up-and-coming marketing tool, I was very privileged to have Riaz as my mentor.

Another aspect I appreciated out of this placement, was the respect and value Riaz put in me and my work. Unlike the stereotypical “coffee-go-getter” internship, Riaz made me an active part of his company.

I accompanied him to various client meetings and was encouraged to give input on content strategy whenever I saw fit. Not only did this help my skills as a content producer, but also as a professional. Learning how to cultivate, foster and create business relationships is a universal asset that I got to see and learn first-hand through experiences like these.

While I enjoyed the new knowledge on digital marketing and looking at back-end platforms that can help monitor and create analytics for businesses, it is an aspect to digital marketing that I feel I am better to use as a reference for my content rather than a task I would want to perform regularly.

I enjoy shaping content for a certain audience and having resources like this available to me is extremely beneficial to my skills as a writer and my role on the team.

There were a lot of experiences that helped me propel my skills as a content creator, some more familiar than others, but in the end I feel this placement gave me valuable insight into the professional world of content creation at least from a marketing perspective.

Down the road, I’m looking forward to furthering my education on content production and how to create valuable, engaging content for any audience.

I am happy to start a new chapter with the team as content marketing specialist.


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