Why I Chose Marketing – And Why You Should Too!

Why I Chose Marketing – And Why You Should Too!

As high school students we ask ourselves:

“what the %$@# am I going to do once I’m done?”

For me, it was following an interest to become a health care professional such as a paramedic.

But I quickly realized I have a very low tolerance for anything blood or injury related.

I was back at square one, wondering what I should study.

Nothing else was really of interest to me except for business.

I was running out of options so I just went for it: marketing.

And I am happy to say that looking back I never thought I would ever be so passionate about my future.

I started to grow an appreciation for marketing itself.


Fast forward to my 3-year Advertising and Marketing program at Algonquin College.

Going into first year, I did not know what to really expect.

All I knew was that I was very excited to start learning more about marketing.

As first year went by, I honestly did not know what to think.

It wasn’t what was expected and I started to second-guess if this was the right career choice.

Later, I would realize this is a normal process that you go through when you start learning about a new topic – fierce excitement followed by a humbling reality check.

When summer came along, my parents and I sat down and started to think about the choices I had.

Should I drop out the program and pursue something else?

Should I stick with marketing for now and see if it gets better for in second year?

I decided to go with my heart and stick with it.

Remember to always follow your heart and follow your passion.

It is easily one of the best decisions that I have ever made because I have learned so much and I have learned how to appreciate all of the little things about marketing.

At Algonquin College, we were given the opportunity to work with real clients such as The Canadian Blood Services, The Ottawa 67’s and the Ottawa Citizen as well.

It really opened my eyes and for the first time, I really saw myself pursuing a passion that would make me happy in the future.

The advice that I would give now is to never only think that you have one career option in life.

You shouldn’t think that you are only good at one thing.

You have to keep your mind open and you should always be willing to try something different and new.

That will help shape you into a well-rounded person who can be valuable to an organization.

For me, it is working with Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing and it brings me great joy everyday knowing that I am bringing value to our clients and helping their business to grow.

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