3 Dead Giveaways Your Prospect is Losing Interest

3 Dead Giveaways Your Prospect is Losing Interest

There is nothing worse than getting your prospect excited about your products and services, setting up a sales meeting, and arriving to find out they are not as sold as you thought.

Interest levels raise and decline throughout the buying cycle and you must recognize when you are saying too much and not listening, or not saying – and selling – enough.

Should you engage by continuing to contact them or let it brew to give them breathing room?

Po-Po-Po-Poka Face

Well typically it’s like poker; you want to do the opposite of what they are doing.

If your prospect is showing a lot of interest – without ignoring them or compromising your position – you should create the perception that you are busy since it shows your prospect that you are helping out A LOT of clients with your services.

And that you aren’t desperate.

If they are not showing any interest, keep drilling – until you realize they don’t want to play ball.

Sincerity? Yes Again!

Although phone tag and remembering all of your clients’ specific interests can be a pain in the ass – which btw it shouldn’t be – remember sincerity is the key.

If you are sincere you will rarely lose their interest cause the words coming out of your mouth are authentic and continue to help you gain credibility.

Your prospect’s level of engagement will seriously help you to determine how interested they really are.

There are signs that you are losing their attention – and dead giveaways you are losing their buying interest:

1)     Wandering Eyes

This one is classic and obvious.

You are looking at them, speaking directly to them.

And they are clearly looking at the picture over your head.

Granted your prospect may be checking for customers – which is obviously great because their business needs are being met – but it is a bit different when the store is empty.

When your prospect isn’t looking at you they are concentrated on something else.

And when they are concentrating on something else they aren’t fully listening to you.

The best course of action in this instance is to ask a question.

If you are feeling a bit risky you can stop what you are saying and also look in the same direction as they are to build rapport while gazing at the “important thing” that has their attention.

You want their focus.

And wandering eyes are a dead giveaway they aren’t eating up everything you’ve got to say.

2)     The Lean Back

When someone is engaged and excited they will lean towards you arms uncrossed.

And if you are careful to pay attention to what you are saying you will know the exact moment you lose them – when they readjust and lean back in their chair.

This is the hardest realization for new sales reps. because once they notice it, it burns inside them whenever they see it.

But once you get used to the possibility of this body postion happening you will find a way to re-engage your prospect.

First, remember what you are saying when they lean back in their chair with a sigh.

Second, change the subject and go back to a conversation-piece that snagged their interest.

Third, create some sort of physical contact to show your dominance and control of the situation.

Now I know what you are all thinking about the third point – Riaz you are a sicko!

Well not exactly.

See professionalism is one thing but there is a component of human connection that we all possess.

And any form of contact will build rapport.

Now this contact need not be direct.

I will typically place my iPad in the prospect’s hand showing them a neat feature or an interesting picture to reinvigorate the conversation while they play with the touch screen.

Another good non-verbal rebuttal is to re-adjust yourself to mirror your prospect or to make it difficult for them to be face-to-face with you .

They will subconsciously want to mirror you and regain the shoulder facing presence they once had.

Another way to re-engage them physically is to point at something clearly dear to their heart – for example a family picture which you can ask a question about or an item you can engage with like a globe.

Once they prop back up you can start gaining their interest again.

3)     No More Questions

If the best buying signal is being asked a question, then the worst one is indifference.

Once your customer stops asking you questions, it is because they don’t care for an answer.

If they don’t care for an answer, you no longer have any solution worth their time.

And that is a really bad sign.

Typically this occurs when you are overselling by droning on about feature and benefits that are not customized to meet this particular prospect’s needs.

If this happens it means you yourself are not asking enough questions.

And although silence is not always a bad sign, it can be if it persists without an engaged prospect.

The cure for the client asking no more questions is to ask them a question and then let them answer.

Another thing that ruins the majority of sales is when the sales rep. is interrupting.

How can you give your client what they need if you keep telling them what is good for them.

I will admit I get excited sometimes and do it too.

But I have seen the result of it and I vow never again to interrupt.

Oh Yeah….

Remember these 3 dead giveaways are important and require great observation skills.

Also remember that there are exceptions to these rules and wandering eyes don’t always equate to lost interest – just an attention lapse.

But if you are going to be successful in sales you will have already acquired these skills through continuing to educate yourself on new methods.

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