Are You A Coward?

Are You A Coward?

Cowards are common.

Unfortunately in sales – far too common.


A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

Based on the aforementioned definition, a coward is someone who lacks the courage to do unpleasant things.

These “unpleasant things” in sales are actually great opportunities if you embrace them.

In sales, the unpleasant means getting out of your comfort zone.

It means understanding when you have made a mistake and correcting it.

It means not running for the hills when you don’t have the answer your client wants to hear.

Money Can Talk But You Better Walk

Understandably we all want to make money in sales.

That really goes without saying.

But the customer who is given true value without any hardwired committment will see genuine authentic value in knowing you.

And we want to do business with people we know and trust.

I hate money grabbers.

So if your customer spends with you – be accountable, be reliable.

Answer their calls.

Check in on them regularly.

Tell them about new products and opportunities that will make what they already have more efficient.


It feels like anyone in sales can use this word and the client will believe he or she can make magic happen.

Optimization is the ‘it’ word noawadays for making something more efficient.

And if you can make something better for your client on their existing investment do it.

But if you use the word optimization with your clients which we both know you will, stand behind your promise to be consistent in making their experience with your product or service more efficient.

Customer Point of View

So many times I have called a company asking about my current bill or package, got off the phone, discussed the service with a friend, and realized I wasn’t getting the best value for my money.

Sometimes our instinct is to blame ourselves as a customer and think we got duped.

But in the new economy the onus is on the sales rep. and company to make sure they are providing you the best value.

This means the latest update, the newest version, or the best mobile price plan.

Every company talks about optimization but most do not have the spine to stand behind their promise by being proactive; to continually improve the service they are providing to clients.

It becomes really frustrating when this becomes the norm.

So do something different for your clients.

Be responsible and accountable.


Don’t brush off their concern.

Fight for your clients.

Be transparent.

Don’t be a jellyfish.

Most importantly, don’t be a coward.

Cause karma eventually always kills a sales coward.


What frustrates you as a customer?

Comment below.


  1. ket , on Dec 4, 2012 at 10:18 Reply


    hate to admit this but your article has really spoken to me…thank you for opening my eyes. i believe what i have i can overcome so here goes 🙂

    • Riaz Sidi , on Dec 5, 2012 at 19:04 Reply


      It is really admirable and often difficult to admit our own weaknesses. I am happy that I was able to connect with you in this post and I am confident you can overcome and achieve your desired goals.

      I will be here throughout that growth and I look forward to continue learning and growing myself.

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