5 Killer Tidbits to Improve Your Sales Appointments

5 Killer Tidbits to Improve Your Sales Appointments

I recently took a few days off to attend my sister’s wedding.

I had the privilege of walking her down the aisle and being the MC at the reception.

It was a great time, I was able to see old relatives and make some new ones, and I am really happy for her and her new husband.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this post – family first though.

Now that I am back, I want to talk about an important stage of your sales cycle: presentation.

See I had to do a speech for the wedding and there are some transferable skills in sales that helped me to win over the crowd.

If you can apply these tips to your sales presentation, you can win over your audience too.

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously, But Take Yourself Seriously

Always be willing to poke fun at yourself. Humor is the best climate to win in sales.

If you can be empathetic to the frustrations of your prospect you can poke fun at these frustrations as well.

It is a great way to build rapport, over a shared frustration – but never gossip.

If you have experience in your prospect’s industry it is simpler to exert empathethic humour.

Always get your point across but don’t do it in a manner that is closed-minded or not flexible.

Show that you are knowledgeable about your industry and show a desire to learn about theirs.

The more you understand their field, the more of an attempt they will make to understand yours and you will be able to bridge a solid connection.

Inject humor into your sales call; even though it’s still business, it will make seeing you during your prospect’s workday a timeout from their hard work.

Don’t BS

BS is the reason sales people in general have a bad reputation.

It can be tempting as a sales rep. to gain your prospects trust and then take off with their money without holding on to your end of the deal – or worse fabricating benefits that never existed.

I have seen this in sales – it’s called a scam.

And when you are doing a speech or a sales pitch someone’s BS radar WILL see right through you.

If a deal is too good to be true…

Speak Clear and Loudly

I have been guilty of mumbling for years.

My sister even reminded me to speak slowly and clearly before I did my speech.

I get it, I talk a bit fast, and use millenial slang that might not translate correctly.

But when I get on stage or in a sales call, I know it is important to really choose your words carefully.

You must remember that you will be held to your word even if it is not in writing.

Also, your word is the only thing you really have in sales, so think carefully before you speak or you may have to backtrack later.

Be Presentable

If you are well-groomed, clean, and put-together you will convey professionalism and credibility.

Show others that you take care of yourself and they are sure to trust that you will take care of them.

Unfortunately but understandably, we are judged on how we look.

People want to do business with those with who they can relate.

So if a prospect doesn’t feel you are making a concerted effort to take care of yourself then they will lose faith in your ability to address their business before you have even had the chance to prove yourself.

Understand Your Audience

Ideally you will do some research into your prospect and their company.

Visit their website, check out their LinkedIn profile.

What do they sell? What differentiates them from the competition?

Who is their target customer?

You will ask these types of questions to determine their audience and their needs – this is basic.

But make sure to envision in your head not only who they are but who their customers are.

The closer you can get to understanding your customer and their customers the better positioned you are to help their business and their goals.

Sales presentations are very similar to speeches: you have a limited amount of time to make a positive impression.

Once that impression is formed, it is tough to stray from it.

So whether it is a speech or a sales presentation make sure to prepare by incorporating these 5 killer tidbits.


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