The Most Important Buying Signal in Sales

The Most Important Buying Signal in Sales

Hearing no is one of the most difficult experiences to get over as a new sales rep.

But little do you realize, no is the greatest opportunity of all.

Hearing no is better than hearing nothing at all and it provides you with an opportunity to find out about the prospect’s objection.

A no is usually never as direct as a straight-up N-O. You have to be careful to watch out for the pain point.

A pain point is the barrier that is stopping the decision-maker from saying yes.

If you can overcome this pain point by providing a solution that shows your product or service will be beneficial to them, they will be much more likely to say yes.

When a prospect says no followed by a question, their question will have to do with their pain point.

We focus our attention on things we want and things we don’t want.

So if the prospect is asking you a question, they are essentially asking you for feedback about something that they want or something that they do not want.

Example 1:

Question: Does that printer come with a supply of paper?

Pain Point: The customer does not want the hassle of purchasing paper, or servicing the machine.

Solution: Yes, we have a great maintenance package that provides you with monthly checkups, paper, and servicing – it is also protected by our warranty.

Example 2:

Question: Will it raise the price significantly if I book the conference room for an additional day?

Pain Point: Cost per unit; wants bulk pricing.

Solution: Give a marginal discount for booking the conference room for both days and attempt to upsell on additional services to make both days better.

In both examples, these questions could have been answered very differently if the salesperson had been rigid.

As a salesperson, you have to fight for your clients.

Give your client the best deal they can get and your loyalty will be reciprocated forever.

If the sales rep saved $20 by not giving paper with the printer, or the second rep stood her ground on the price of the conference room, both deals may have fallen through.

You must also remember that there is no standard protocol.

Everyone values different things.

So the pain point is relative to what a customer wants and what you as a sales rep are willing to accommodate.

If you are met with red tape by management, raise your concern and fight for your client.

You may feel like you are caught in the middle but if you can work for one client, you will start to turn more no’s into yes’s.

Ultimately you will begin to see and agree that an indirect no through the form of a question is the most important buying signal in sales.


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