Does Stereotyping Hinder You From Sales Success?

Does Stereotyping Hinder You From Sales Success?

Do clients buy based on shallow reasons?

Sometimes, yes.

If you look well put together and confident, certainly your client will believe you have had success and want to be associated to that.

But we all get judged on things outside of our control.

Is it harder to close a sale if you are rich and your client is poor?

Is it harder for me to sell because I am a minority?

Do older clients question the credibility of people within my generation?

How about the size of a salesperson’s waist?

Even in 2012, there are millions of ways in the non-working world that people choose to judge one another.

And the same too can be said about the business world.

But does it hinder ones ability to create a real connection to a client and sell?

It shouldn’t – hopefully not.

But that would be the naive answer, certainly to some degree it does.

The difference in my experience is that work ethic, ownership, and the ability to come through on an agreement even in the face of obstacles will help you to be an authentic sales person – despite your condition.

The most successful sales reps. will not allow any superficial judgement to be a part of their life experience – rather they embrace differences.

Whether it is culture, sexual orientation, disability or gender holding you back from being successful in sales – remember it is perceived.

Diversity is an opportunity to learn.

Smart business owners want to make MONEY.

They don’t care how as long as you can help them to be more cost-efficient by providing a product/service that helps them reduce expenditures or increase traffic and sales volume.

Clients stuck in the old school mentality – or ‘the boys club’ if you will – shall see trouble in the next few years.

This is not a threat by me but an inevitablity of the new ecomony.

You see, the internet is democratizing business dramatically, and control is being spread to end-users.

The world is more transparent.

You must engage with your clients in a sincere manner – authentically.

If you allow your bias towards a specific group get in the way of a sale, you are not only doing a disservice to your client and your company but also yourself and society.

You probably came to this site, seeing the banner of me and had some judgement about who I am.

And that’s fair.

But I have made no claims I can’t support because the content of my character and transparency are of the utmost importance to my reputation and myself.

So working together as opposed to creating obstacles for one another will help our businesses and our relationships to grow.

Because a human alone is stupider than all of us and our minds working together to venture through the new sales economy.

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