Why the Best Salespeople Can Sell Anything

Why the Best Salespeople Can Sell Anything

In the B2B sales world, we often come across sales gurus who just appear from nowhere. They have an unwavering confidence – often possessing an aura of being able to sell dirt to a germaphobe.

But what gives them this confidence? And how are they backing it up by translating leads into sales?

The best salespeople know what type of answer they are looking for before they ask a question.

When great salespeople ask closed-ended questions, they are attempting to get a customer into a pattern of saying ‘yes’. Every ‘yes’ in response to a closed-ended question opens up a bridge towards colourful responses for the open-ended questions which will follow.

If as a salesperson you go straight into asking open-ended questions which may be perceived as intrusive, it may come across as quite rude. The personal nature of getting into these discussions is not justified since a relationship worthy of a valid response has not yet been established.

But by building rapport, you will only help to reveal detailed information which will lead to transitions which can branch off into problem questions and implication questions.

And this is when true selling occurs.

The best salespeople don’t close sales – they allow the customer to be unable to resist having the product or service by showing the Return on Investment (ROI).

The bottom line for the customer is always ROI. Time is money and if a customer feels like they are already benefiting by spending time engaging with you, they will ultimately feel the natural trust to prolong and branch this relationship by doing business with you.

This is why the best salespeople can sell anything – the customer is not buying the product or service – they are buying the advantage of doing business with a credible, confident, and legitimate business as well as a salesperson of equal caliber.

Never close – let the customer close themselves by providing opportunities for them to initiate in their mind the positive effect of having your product or service.

If a customer can envision themselves taking advantage of the benefits rather than feeling they are obligated to spend money, they will see the natural benefit – ROI.

Internet marketing is different in terms of proving ROI because the medium is still in its infancy and ever-evolving – this is why credibility, confidence and trust are of utmost importance.

The best salespeople never hesitate or show insecurity.

Now in order to convey the ROI of engaging in business with you, a customer needs to hear in your voice that what they are doing is legitimate.

This is why confidence in tone is the only way to win over a customer. Would you do business with someone who hesitated or did not believe in what they were saying? Never.

Even if you were presented with the greatest product or deal, your natural instinct would be to question the legitimacy of the offer and to wonder how it is too good to be true.

This is why it is important to never oversell a product. Start small and figure out the direction in which the company or consumer is going and sell to those needs.

As the cliché goes, ‘one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure’ yet there are varying degrees to this statement, even within the same industry.

Does it make sense for them to have your product or service? And most importantly, why?

If you the sales representative can answer these last two questions differently for every customer interaction in which you engage, there will always be an open-path to creating need and solving a problem which a business owner was unaware they had.

In doing so, you will not only show the ROI of the product or service you are offering but also create a relationship by being empathetic to the needs of the business.

And it is this attitude which will take you very far in sales.


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