How to Start Reading Again

How to Start Reading Again

You used to read all the time. But something changed. For some reason the idea of reading a book has become boring and you have lost your patience.

Maybe you were a student who became disinterested in reading because you were forced to do it for school.

I stopped reading for a long time. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had in the past. But something changed.

For me, reading blogs and finding websites that I was interested in got me back into reading. I started going back to the library and reading books recommended by some of my favorite bloggers.

I went from reading maybe 2 books a year to already having read about 10 this year.

Reading requires dedication which is hard to come by in an age where we are being bombarded with messages distracting our attention away from books.

Find one book you know you will most likely enjoy beforehand and start there.

Don’t put pressure on yourself by scanning to the back and seeing how many pages until the end.

It can definitely be intimidating to see a friend reading a massive book of biblical proportions (yes, fine, pun intended).

Start small because the person reading a big book is doing so because they don’t want it to be over. Many former readers want the book to end so they can have the pride of saying they have read the book and successfully finishing it.

But it’s not about marking down that you read x amount of books. It’s like everything in life, the journey should be better than the destination.

Blogs have become so appealing for that reason – you can stop reading them whenever you want. Many people don’t stop though because they want more content, more information to whet their appetite.

If you find yourself trailing off halfway through a sentence or page, don’t worry. Go back and start again because you are the only one who will be missing out by not reading it.

Reading is a very personal act! I am writing to you and you are reading words written from me to you. Don’t let anything else distract you from that.

Reading is about educating yourself. If you don’t absorb all the information being conveyed to you, there is no point in reading at all.

The internet has definitely resurged sales in the book industry. This is happening in a time when movie and music sales have dropped significantly.

This is a testament to reading and literature. So if you haven’t read a book in awhile, visit a library and find just one book which you find interesting to read.

What kinds of books do you like reading? And what advice can you provide to apathetic readers?


  1. Read for Hope , on Sep 29, 2013 at 12:42 Reply

    Excellent article! I feel your pain about reading less and less. I sometimes catch myself looking forward a few dozen pages to see how far I have until the book finishes, but lately I get so caught up in reading that I sit for hours without noticing.

    I started a blog which encourages others to read more. Please check out my 7 simple tips for reading again here:

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