How to Make a Bad First Impression

How to Make a Bad First Impression

Making an impression is unavoidable. Meaning it will be either good or bad – there’s a grey area too – but it will fall somewhere on a spectrum, an impression will be made.

Many times we are afraid of putting ourselves ‘out there’ because we fear judgement. Passing judgement, both positive and negative, is natural.

We should accept that people will judge and to not let it bother us by staying true to our moral principles and ethics.

For one, if you don’t break your shell and say something, do something, or take a risk, the world will never see the potential you possess. That in itself is the biggest tragedy of all.

Generally, I believe people who comment on my posts or send me an email have the confidence to be well-understood through their interactions. They probably post comments on other blogs, have their own blog, or tweet.

If you have emailed me or commented on my posts I wonder, are you as proactive offline?

I know some of you have told me you are introverted whereas others are similar to myself – you do before you think and hope for the best.

Regardless, we all make an impression. Do you make a bad first impression?

Here are a few surefire ways to make a terrible first impression when you meet new people:

  • Don’t smile

If you want people to think you are poutty before you even open your mouth, don’t smile. This is especially true if you are the only person entering a larger group of people. Make sure to keep your mouth in a locked position. If you open it even in the slighest, you may give off the impression that you are interesting, warm, or confident. People want to talk to someone who smiles, so don’t make the mistake of smiling.

  • Don’t say Hello

Again, entering a room and saying hello is going to get you a positive response. If you really want to make a bad first impression, you could ignore others, walk right past them, and even grumble under your breath.

Say hello if you want to engage others – although I don’t see why you would want to do that.

  • Forget their Name

When you meet someone, forgetting their name is the best way to make a bad first impression. You could even mispronounce it rather than asking them kindly to repeat it.

Better yet, you could point at someone whenever you refer to a specific person instead of using their name.

  • Talk about Yourself

Don’t people hate talking about themselves? Don’t they only want to hear about you?

Be sure to keep talking about yourself and you will give that award-winning bad impression you seek.

The first time you meet someone new, talk about uncomfortable topics like health, religion, politics, or the moldy pizza in your fridge you haven’t thrown out in 3 weeks.

And most importantly, don’t attempt to gauge a situation or be socially aware.

Hopefully these tips will help you make a terrible impression and leave others thinking you are absolute scum.


  1. Toby , on Feb 2, 2014 at 18:48 Reply

    There are some other points:
    * Make sure you haven’t showered, shaved, used deoderant, brushed your teeth and, whatever you do, don’t you dare wear clean, pressed and fashionable clothing. To make a bad impression, its important for people to wonder if you are homeless or deranged when they meet you.
    * Try to mumble, stutter, lisp, whisper and make frequent non-language noises such as squeeking, tittering laughter, oohs and aaahs, grunts and moans. To make the worst impression, people need to really struggle to understand what you are attempting to communicate so that they decide its not worth the effort.
    * Ignore people’s boundaries and forget what they tell you immediately – they don’t expect you to remember or respect them!

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