How $#*! Goes Viral

How $#*! Goes Viral

In 2012 we control the media. We decide what becomes popular.

But it is mystifying how something can appeal to so many while other seemingly good ideas get thrown on the backburner.

So it is vital to figure out and understand how great content goes viral.

The big question: what tempts us to view, to comment, and most importantly to share? And how can you produce something which creates a buzz?

Most of you will be familiar with the phrase content is king – but what is queen?

Many experts suggest linking is queen, others say keywords. But I hold a different opinion.


Every single blog post, song, or video that I have seen go viral is completely unique. This may sound obvious but I truly believe that we don’t give originality enough credit.

Many try to mimick others. While this can work in some respects, it does not give your content that fresh experience the person you are communicating with is dying for.

Content should be like a first kiss. It makes your audience nervous before it starts, excited that it’s happening, and inspired at its conclusion. It should have the viewer anticipating that next experience.

To the Point

Never beat around the bush.  A mouse is like a gun, we are all trigger happy. And if something is not giving us that internet fix, BANG – it’s finished.

Make it worth a person’s time to experience your content – whether it’s your photo portfolio, PowerPoint presentation for work, or a video you made for your cousin’s wedding.

Be Humble

Don’t create something just for the sake of having as many people as possible view it. If you like it then be happy with that. If someone else does as well great. But remember for every person that loves your work there’s a troll waiting to rip you apart, even if it is still good.

Don’t forget how quickly people flipped back and forth on Michael Jackson just to be apart of stealing his thunder.

And start recognizing achievement in other people and you will learn traits in yourself that will make you more marketable, more intuitive, and more unique.

Let the Haters Hate

Another cliché if I may, bad PR is good PR. There is no such thing as bad press.

We all remember Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s in 2009. And we all had an opinion.

How arrogant! How rude! Go Kanye! Poor little girl!

But look at the aftermath. Kanye is still doing duets with everyone out there. And Taylor Swift, bigger than ever.

Is Kanye arrogant? Maybe. But stupid? Definitely not. He most likely knew what he was doing beforehand and he got a lot of press for it.

Embrace Rejection

This not only applies to creating great content but to life in general. We have all missed out on opportunities because we were afraid of hearing a no.

But every no brings you closer to a yes. (another cliché, I know I’ll stop!)

I have been trying an exercise of saying hello to random strangers and coloring daily interactions and transactions with sincere banter. Even though I am quite extroverted, you will not be surprised that I still get a jolt of adrenaline right before I elaborate beyond the usual.

Try it for a few days and you will be surprised how quickly karma returns the favour.

What is Queen?

So how do these tips which have nothing to do with how something goes viral apply?

Because the creator of every piece of media that has gone viral had to overcome these obstacles to bring them to a place where they could create their art.

People have incredible bs radar which is inpenetrable at a mass scale.

So in my opinion, content is king and sincerity is queen.

The moment you use sincereity in your work, you are placing yourself in a position to create a great experience for your audience.

So what is your queen?

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