Why Everyone Should Have a Blog

Why Everyone Should Have a Blog

I talk to many people who don’t understand why I blog.

Some feel it is an attempt for me to float my boat, others think it is lame and a fad.

In fact, I was one of these naysayers some five years ago when I wrote an article for a magazine which ripped blogs apart, claiming it was a venue for extremism.

But a lot has changed.

It has been for me both therapeudic and educational. I have discovered what I am truly interested in and what I am not.

I launched my first blog a few years ago. I learned from scratch about WordPress, buying domain names, backlinking, SEO, and everything between.

I was a journalist who was looking for a new way to reach an audience. And although I had some mild success in terms of the amount of organic search engine traffic I was receiving, I wasn’t having a conversation with anyone.

I wasn’t inspired, and since my entries were all related to current events in the news, I realized my articles weren’t timeless.

But I don’t see it as a failure. In fact, if I did not experience all that I learned from making BiasViewer, there would be no Progressive Sales Stratgies. And here there are more conversations going on than there ever were at BiasViewer.

Enough about me and my experience.

Why should you have a blog?

Anyone in any career needs to market themselves. Whether you own a flower store, are a magician, or a lawyer, you need to sell your services.

People who blog can make a difference to their life and to their career in being considered for a contract or deal.


Bloggers have lives too. I work my 9-5, I have family and friends, and other hobbies I enjoy.

But since I am naturally interested in communications and I do freelance public relations, copywriting and copyediting on the side, sidi.io provides potential clients with an opportunity to get to know me on a consistent basis.

You can gain a following with any interest no matter the size. Actually, the smaller the niche the easier it is to become an authority within it.

Face Time

You may not have spoken to me in a long time, but if you are reading this you have a better idea of how I am doing than I do of you.

And since I started Progressive Sales Strategies, I have received more business inquiries than ever before. I am being solicited on a rather consistent basis for new assignments.

Regardless of whether that is directly or indirectly because of this website, I don’t know. But having this site is keeping my focus narrow, my goals intact, and my energy high.

It is providing me with an opportunity to test the boundaries of what I am capable of doing. And if someone reads my blog and sees my personality shine through, they will be likely to take a chance on me.

Releasing Thoughts

We have millions of thoughts a day. Sometimes these ideas churn away and I feel like I need to save them for some great big article. I write some down and others float away.

But why waste any idea by never turning it into anything tangible?

We can all get lazy when it comes to writing. I know, seems weird for someone who writes for a quarter of his living to admit.

The reason is that procrastination always occurs because people are afraid of what they produce not being as good as they believe their potential to be.

When that happens on a consistent basis, your tools will start to rust.

So I would rather create something which puts my idea into fruition, while improving my writing, and allowing me to share my views on different things – even if it’s not a masterpiece.

If I can my promote my abilities at the same time, all the better.

Do you have a blog? What kind of business do you run?

How do you use the internet to promote yourself?


  1. Susan J. Smith , on Jan 18, 2013 at 11:20 Reply

    I started a blog after retiring from many years (like over 20) of a newspaper writing career. After a little time off I found I missed regular writing and I was having a lot of fun taking photos but didn’t know what to do with them.

    I learned to blog–the technical side isn’t easy for me– and have never looked back. I do a post once a week and love the discipline and focus of thinking of a topic, research and writing and adding photos.

    It’s mostly about travel with a focus on my interests of art, design, shopping, food and culture. Check it out and let me know what you think. DesignDestinations.org

    Interestingly I have gotten some freelance writing gigs as a result–not alot but enough to keep a retired lady like me happy. I’m sure if I worked at it harder I could get more. But at this stage of life I want plenty of time to enjoy my grand girls.


    • Riaz Sidi , on Jan 30, 2013 at 03:32 Reply


      Blogging is a great outlet for writers – I used to write freelance also and I find now that I am able to write about the topics I am most passionate about without any barriers.

      I checked out your blog and it looks great! It’s extremely colorful, inviting, and cozy! It’s nice you get to travel as much as you do!

      The best part is that the blog is yours to do with what you wish and that means more time with your grand-daughters while sharing your life with the world!


  2. Jeannette , on Jan 20, 2013 at 19:54 Reply

    I too, faught the blogging idea for several years. It just fell into the “too much information” catagory. Then I gave in and started one for my business and one for my Uncle’s Book. At first I was concerned that I didn’t have very many followers…(still don’t)…now it doesn’t really matter, because I came to the conclusion that I write for my own need for expression and for a client to get to know how I “think”; and it’s okay that I don’t have a big following.

    • Riaz Sidi , on Jan 30, 2013 at 03:36 Reply

      I agree completely Jeanette – until you blog for you and to achieve a clear mind you can be clouded by the idea of making it big.

      For me blogging is therapeutic and allows me to hone the skills that I can apply to my 9-5.

      As long as you are providing value to your readers in their life I am sure you will continue to grow!

  3. Carol P , on Jan 25, 2013 at 10:58 Reply

    Erm, people keep telling me to sell myself; but I think I’ve got the wrong sort of personality. ;7)

    • Riaz Sidi , on Jan 30, 2013 at 03:39 Reply

      It’s not the personality that sells Carol, it’s the person!

      Provide value and knowledge to others by selling a product or service for which you hold a passion and I am sure you can sell.

  4. Great post about your own blogging journey. Over the years, I had clients who I knew should be blogging. They were local business owners…but experts in their field. The problem was that they didn’t have the time (or in some cases, the talent) to blog.
    We created a solution for them by teaming them with radio announcers for short interviews. We then transcribed the interviews and re-wrote the transcriptions for their blog.
    It worked so well, we turned it into a business. Now, if the only thing keeping you from blogging is time or talent, you have a solution that will provide you with weekly blog posts and zero typing.

    • Riaz Sidi , on Jan 30, 2013 at 03:41 Reply

      Dave – that sounds very creative and fills a much needed void in the world of blogging!

      It is much easier to sell when you identify a mass problem, create awareness for the need, and create a solution which will benefit your prospect; seems like you did just that!

  5. Rebecka R. , on Feb 7, 2013 at 15:09 Reply

    “It has been for me both therapeudic and educational. I have discovered what I am truly interested in and what I am not.
    I launched my first blog a few years ago. I learned from scratch about WordPress, buying domain names, backlinking, SEO, and everything between.”

    This is my story exactly. I landed a gig writing for a comapny blog and managing the company’s social media presence. I’m in school to be a teacher, but I realized my passion for blogging. Maybe I’ll combine the two someday.
    A blog is a way to build credibility. If I want to be a freelance blogger, I need to have a strong internet presence. My blog is my work and my hobby at the same time. I think that’s a really good place to be.

    • Riaz Sidi , on Apr 7, 2013 at 21:23 Reply

      I love hearing your story and your strategy in combining both of your passions.

      Thanks for sharing and I hope to be in that really good place too one day! Maybe I’ll see you there Rebecka!

  6. Aaron W. , on Feb 7, 2013 at 19:26 Reply

    Great article! I have two blogs. One is a professional blog where I discuss business and entrepreneurship. The other is a personal blog where I just talk about whatever- usually science, tech, and computers, becuase those are my hobbies.

    Both blogs have done wonders for me. They don’t really make any money, but the boost in reputation has been more than enough to make it worthwhile. People are coming to me for advice on these topics, and it has led to new connections.

    I also like writing as a way to sort out problems and find solutions, as well as provide inspiration. Many times, I have started writing about a problem and come up with a wonderful solution. Writing it forces you to put it all into a logical sequence that naturally leads to its own conclusion.

    • Riaz Sidi , on Apr 7, 2013 at 21:25 Reply

      Beautifully written: “Writing it forces you to put it all into a logical sequence that naturally leads to its own conclusion.”

      I think this is the ultimate reason why I blog.

      It forces me to be responsible in coming to thought-based conclusions which will help to educate my audience and keep me grounded in doing my research and knowing my stuff.

      I know there is an audience waiting to question my every word so I work that much harder to ensure I am being humble and honest.

      Thanks for your comments and support Aaron!

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